For and from our community.

We see CombiniCafé as a beautifully minimal space that can be enjoyed by our entire community. Alongside serving a unique range of tea and coffee products, we want to share our space with passionate bakers, pâtissieres and food artists. Our custom-fit kitchen allows us to collaborate with members of our local community to create great plant-based items which are then sold in the café. The CombiniBakes Community Project is mutually beneficial: we pay the baker for every product we sell and showcase their talent with customised labels and social media posts. On top of this, we also pledge part of the proceeds to a nominated charity of the baker's choice. 

We also want to be a platform for local and student charities to showcase their talents while raising money and awareness for their cause.

The CombiniBakes process.

  • To participate, fill out the form below with your idea(s) to sell in the cafe. Your recipe should provide between 15-20 easily measurable and tidy portions. Each item should have an RRP of between £1.50 - £5 with easily traceable allergens. All items must be 100% plant-based (no animal derivatives) and be able to be produced within 3 hours. Ideally, your recipe can be infused with our tea powders (we can provide these) or have an East Asian influence.
  • Our team will be in touch to co-ordinate a session with you at CombiniCafé where we taste the samples you bake at your own kitchen.
  • Once we taste and confirm that the baked items are ready to be sold, we finalise the RRP together and purchase the baked products from you at 40% of the RRP x number of portions. If you are a private baker, 10% of all the proceeds will be given as a donation to a charity of your choice. If you are a charity, we will pledge 50% of all the proceeds to your nominated charity as a donation.
  • We discuss a flexible plan for you to come back and bake some more, where you purchase the ingredients and bring along any specialist baking equipment you may need (we have basic cake, muffin tins and mixing bowls etc.)

  • We sell your products the next day with a customised label. If you are a charity, we present a description of your nominated charity to give our customers more information about your cause.

Contact Us

If you are interested in participating in our Community Baking Project, fill in the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.