CombiniCo. The future of ready-to-go.

Our vision for CombiniCo was to give students in St Andrews a new experience of fast food. Our South St retail store was our first step to helping achieve that mission.

We wanted our customers to experience the best of Korean cuisine in a sleek, minimal, fast-paced space. The listed building that we restored lies directly opposite the oldest quadrangle in the University of St Andrews. Within our unique range of ready-to-eat food products, we're able to showcase the best of locally sourced Scottish salmon and other Fife-farmed vegetables. 

This commitment to blending convenience with quality and environmental consciousness is something we’ve always cared about at Combini. We're so excited to build on these values in the future.

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CombiniCo aims to be a brand that combines our founders' passion for style, music, fashion and food. All videography was taken by Alex Longson.

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CombiniCo represents our closest vision for the future of ready-go-to dining experiences and we are lucky to share it with the our community. Visit us in St Andrews to learn more about what we do.

Address: 91 South St, St Andrews, KY16 9QW

Opening Hours: 11am - 6.30pm every day

Cards accepted only.

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