CombiniStop. Maximum convenience.

When we launched CombiniCo, we wanted to create the most seamless experience not only in our physical stores, but in strategically located outlets that suit our customers' needs. In 2018, we launched our first CombiniStop in the University of St Andrews Main Library. 

Our additional CombiniStops are located in University of St Andrews Medical Building and the Guardbridge Eden Campus (when opened).

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CombiniCo aims to be a brand that combines our founders' passion for style, music, fashion and food. All videography was taken by Alex Longson.

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CombiniStop represents a core part of our seamless food experience and we're excited to grow it with our customers. Check our latest CombiniStop in the Main Library in St Andrews.

Address: Main Library, University of St Andrews, North St, KY16 9TR.

Opening Hours: 8.30am - 8pm weekdays, 10am - 7pm weekends.

Cards and cash accepted. CombiniClub credit not accepted. 

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