Our Menu

We believe in keeping our menu simple, healthy and authentic. 

We offer a variety of freshly made products daily including our BiniBowls™, sushi and Korean and Japanese inspired side salads. Our classic products are available everyday at our store with seasonal specials available throughout the year. To find our more about our specials, drop into store and our team will let you know what unique products we are serving at that time.

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Our Sushi embodies the values  we hold at CombiniCo. It's healthy, stays true to our cultural roots and is ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle.

We offer a selection of sushi options, from our classic 8-piece roll to our delicate nigiri and temaki. Every single piece of sushi is carefully made by our production team each morning. We use a variety of quality ingredients including some of the freshest salmon in Scotland, locally sourced meat and a colourful selection of plant-based options. 

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BiniBowls™ are our take on rice bowls.

Each bowl is carefully produced by our kitchen team daily. From our very popular Chicken Katsu Bowl to our delicious, vegan Fresh Tofu Bowl we have a  variety of options for you to enjoy. Each bowl is served with a selection of fresh vegetables and it's centrepiece - fish, meat or a vegan substitute. To top it all of, many of our bowls are garnished with one of our signature sauces that our customers have grown to love.

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