Designed around your lifestyle.

We believe that every product we make, every person we work with and every ingredient we source should derive from our core values of minimalism, convenience, Korean roots and environmental consciousness. Delivering products and experiences that work inline with the high standards that we set ourselves is what keeps us motivated to work here every day.

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The Bini Bowl

Our flagship product is derived from a blend of our co-founders' heritages: Japanese donburi, Korean bibimbap and Hawaiian poke. Each bowl combination is intended to maximise flavour and texture which is then meticulously prepared in our store each day.

The BiniBowl is the most convenient, delicious and satisfying ready-to-go meal we have ever designed. 

Signature Rolls

A staple of the Japanese diet combined with authentic Korean ingredients. 8 bite-sized pieces of sushi form this ideal light grab-and-go meal. We offer the freshest salmon in Scotland, along with cooked meat and colourful plant-based options.

Every single roll is carefully made by our production team each morning.

Rice Sandwiches

Inspired by the vending machines of Tokyo and Seoul, our rice sandwich embodies 'Combini' culture. These pocket-sized triangles contain a range of fillings from hot smoked salmon to spicy Gochujang tuna mayonnaise. 

Smartly designed packaging also means the seaweed outer layer remains crisp until the very last minute, perfect for an on-the-go snack.


We've taken our customers' favourite flavours and designed an entirely new, healthy and low-carb alternative product line. Our freshly made salads combine the best of local Scottish kale with Korean creamy hot dressings and smoked tofu. 

Our 100% plant-based salads give our customers even more choice to incorporate Combini into their lifestyle.

Grilled Sandwiches

CombiniCo food doesn't always mean rice. We've developed a line of artisan sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches that combine local Scottish produce with bold Korean flavours.

What's more, our entire line of grilled cheese sandwiches are 100% plant-based, meaning its impact on the environment is minimal. 


We see tea as a natural extension of our brand and are excited to grow our CombiniTea™ product range over the next year.

Our high-grade organic tea is shipped directly from our farming partners in Shizuoka, Japan and packaged by our team in St Andrews. Our bottled beverage line will hopefully reach our stores in early 2020.