Minimal Food Design

Founded in 2018, CombiniCo is a Korean-inspired food and beverage company based in Scotland, UK. Our mission is to re-imagine minimal fast-casual food experiences in communities across the world.

We believe that convenience does not need to be compromised by a lack of beauty or care for the environment. That's why we invest in a passionate team of people, 100% traceable produce and closed-loop compostable and recyclable packaging solutions to set new standards for the food industry.

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Unique Heritage

Our roots lie in the unique cultural phenomenon of East Asian convenience stores, otherwise known as ‘Combini’. Their values, which centre around simplicity and functionality in everyday life, are mirrored in our own philosophy through our products.

We care about how our cultural heritage can help inspire more healthy, minimal and sustainable communities.

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Original Products

Our original product line combines authentic flavours from Korea with locally sourced Scottish ingredients. Throughout this entire design process, we adhere to our key values of minimalism, convenience, Korean roots and environmental impact.

We focus on how our products are designed to fit seamlessly into our customers' everyday lives.

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