Values in our vision.

We believe that every product we make, every person we work with and every partner we choose should share our core values of minimalism, convenience, and environmental consciousness. Delivering products and experiences that work inline with the high standards we set ourselves is what keeps us motivated to work here every day.

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We draw inspiration from Japanese and Korean minimalism to approach our products, spaces and experiences.

This constant focus on bringing joy to a minimal lifestyle helps direct everything we produce.

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Cultural Roots

While our roots lie in the cultural phenomenon of East Asian convenience stores, we care about showcasing the best of Korean cuisine, design, music and culture. We believe there is a depth and range to Korean heritage that has never been represented by a brand.

We focus on how we can become a primary driver for these aspects of Korean culture.

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We care about making every interaction with our customers simple, affordable and quick.

We believe that remaining relevant and accessible in our community and customers' lives is the key to help elevate the everyday experiences of food.

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We want to have environmental values that push what is expected from a food company. Alongside raising awareness about how to make environmentally conscious food choices, we also care about constantly improving our operations to be more sustainable.

From investing in closed-loop packaging solutions to finding innovative ways to reduce our food waste, we hope to set better standards for environmentalism in our industry.

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